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Agents: Boost Sales With Exclusive, Real Time,
LTC / Life Insurance Leads

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LTCi Insurance Agent
People in their mid 40s to late 50s and even early 60s today are gradually realizing the importance of planning for long term care protection as a part of their senior portfolio. For agents who include Long Term Care Insurance in their product lines, the growing need should mean additional sales. However, most of these people are computer literate and internet savvy. They are used to turning to the internet whenever they want the most up-to-date information on nearly any kind of product, insurance included.

Long Term Care Insurance is one of the most difficult products for which one can provide a truly accurate quote over the phone or internet. In fact, while you can give your prospect an idea of the cost based on chosen factors, most people do not understand all the variables, riders or included options. Thus, the best companies will not provide a generic quote, but will send you to explain the product and customize a program—integrating it with senior retirement assets—for your prospects. In order to accomplish this, you need to know who the people are. Our dependable network will assist in providing you with the best leads available for Long Term Care and other insurance products you may be offering.

How it Works
A prospect researches the internet using key words to find the type of insurance product he / she is interested in. The person completes a simple questionnaire containing contact information and the most crucial health questions that most companies need to have answered. The questionnaire is immediately forwarded to one of the companies in our network. This company processes the lead according to zip code, elimination factors, face value interest, etc., and sells the lead to you, usually getting it to you within minutes of the time the prospect completes the form.

You make contact with the prospect according to the rules of the company or companies you represent. If you have an automatic response system or can retrieve the lead on your cell-phone, your chances of being one of those who gets an opportunity to meet the client’s needs are better than if you only check your email in the evening and then respond the next day.

Getting what you pay for
With our system you get only the leads that you have ordered and that fit your sorting criteria. Leads that are bogus are quickly refunded, and you have no set up or membership fees. While the companies in our network are not guaranteed to provide the cheapest leads, they are competitive and are of the best quality available.

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