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About Us

About Us was created for the purpose of helping people use technology and personalized service to locate the best policies to fit their needs. It is an online resource for Long Term Care insurance information and serves as a gateway through which quotes are requested from agents of the most reputable Long Term Care insurance companies.

Visitors to our site want the best available price on a dependable long-term care insurance policy. They begin providing some simple information via our online quote request form. Through our participating network, an intense search of multiple long-term care policies is made to find the best one available in their area and the one most suited to their needs at the lowest possible price.

Usually within 24 hours, a customer will receive communication from an agent who will be able to provide a no-obligation quote.

Making the Service Work for You
Insurance policies are often difficult to understand; people often think Long-Term Care insurance is especially confusing. Because companies want to make sure you understand all aspects of your policy, most will urge you to speak with an agent rather than attempting to purchase via the mail or telephone alone. In addition to health considerations, all policies have numerous variables which can be manipulated for the best possible price. Even when explained over the phone or in a mailed flyer, most non-insurance individuals do not understand these variables without further explanation from a qualified agent. Therefore, after making a quote request, each visitor will be contacted by a local professional who can explain every term of the policy and answer any questions. You can, however, do a little advance homework by perusing our website and learning what to look for in a good policy.

Unlike vehicle insurance in which your premium is based primarily on the year, make, and model of your car, Long-Term Care Insurance policy is based on the needs of the individual. You must qualify both financially and medically. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be, and the more likely you are to develop a chronic ailment that will either disqualify you or put the coverage out of reach because of sub-standard rates. With changes that are taking place in Medicare, Medicaid and the health care industry itself, however, you put both yourself and your family at risk if you fail to make Long Term Care insurance part of your senior planning and portfolio. Since every policy must be customize to fit the client, we believe that you need the expertise of a professional licensed insurance agent as your personal guide through the process. There is never any obligation to buy.

The professionals within our network have helped many people save money on insurance. They are ready to help you too! We invite you to request a quote through our free online service.